Name of the company: Arata Beton Mehr Padin Co.

Name of the Direct Manager: Dr. Saeedreza Zare

Business: Lightweight Concrete

Address: Unit 143, Berjis Trading Complex, Gharani Ave., Abutaleb Intersection

City: Mashhad

Country: Iran

Postal Code: 9195953597

 Tel: +(98) 5117247285

Fax: +(98) 5117247386

Short description of the company:

To provide technical knowledge and install production lines of lightweight concrete, Arata Beton Mehr Padin Co. has contributed to the innovation of various stages of the production of the blocks of foam concrete. The most important of these innovations has been in designing the mold for producing the blocks with male and female heads, commercially called  PERELEX . Furthermore, the employment of foam generators at low pressure and using an automatic process has significantly improved the product quality and production rate.

A short clip for CLC block mould:


          PERELEX Cellular lightweight concrete block

A lightweight concrete block with male and female heads


Annually more than 6 billion cube meter of concrete is produced worldwide and this amounts to one cube meter of concrete for each person. No other industrial product has such a huge production volume in the world. Meanwhile lightweight concretes, as new engineering materials, own special characteristics such as one forth of the weight of common concretes, heat insulation, sound insulation, and resistance against earthquake. As a result of these merits, they have found special position in world constructions. We are proud to introduce PERELEX, the lightweight concrete block with male and female heads, to engineers, contractors, and other industrial coworkers.


·         Light Weight  Thanks to the employment of world-class high technology and advanced production process, PERELEX is a very lightweight product. This fact leads to the reduction of the profile of skeletons while increasing their structural resistance against the destructive power of earthquakes.

·          Male and Female Heads  The existence of male and female heads in each block results in the appropriate mechanical connection of two such blocks. Lack of this property in similar products has witnessed many implementation problems including extra installation expenses as a result of the employment of more mortar. Further, male and female heads improve heat isolation of walls. This is not a characteristic of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) blocks and similar products which are manufactured using cutting process.

·         Resistance to Crack and Falling  Thanks to the existence of polypropylene threads, in the events of earthquake, impact or temperature variations, the probability of crack and falling is reduced. This is not a characteristic of AAC blocks and similar products which are manufactured using cutting process.

·         Heat Insulation  Thanks to the porosity and their many embodied tiny air bubbles, PERELEX blocks are one of the best heat isolators in building constructions. Researches by American officials show a 32 percent saving of expenses in the design and installation of heat isolation systems and considerable energy efficiency.

·         Sound Insulation  Thanks to the existence of special raw materials in its mix design and the way embodied air bubbles are distributed in it, a PERELEX block is a very good sound isolator and considered so by some international standards, and specially the American ones, and used for sound isolation purposes.

·         Economical and Installation Time Advantages  Being equipped with male and female heads, having proper dimensions and simple installation speed up installation magnificently. Moreover, the absence of  waste (including that of transportation and installation), being light, low consumption of mortar, and thin width of wall layer as a result of no deflection, on top of many other merits compared to similar products, result in considerable saving of construction expenses.

·         Fire Resistance  In the event of fire and high temperatures, the existence of porosity and polypropylene threads lets gases exit. Therefore there would be no destruction and breaking mechanism and explosion behaviour would be moderated considerably.  As a result, PERELEX is regarded as a “fire wall” and have important applications in critical public places such as hospitals, hotels, educational institutes, etc.

·         Water Absorption, Cementing and Stone-Fixing  Proper water absorption in lightweight PERELEX blocks allows efficient and simple cementing and installation of stones and tiles on them.

·         Workability  PERELEX blocks can be easily sawed, drilled, or carved to provide passages for mechanical and electrical installations, enjoying a very high workability.

·         Humidity Isolation  As a result of the employment of special raw materials and high technology of the production process of PERELEX blocks, they show such a very good humidity resistance that accords with current international standards for humidity isolation.

·         Economical Transportation  The regular and precise geometric shapes of PERELEX blocks and their low density allow the transportation of bigger volumes with lower weights compared to similar products.

·         Endurance and Non-distractive Characteristic  Thanks to the ingredients of PERELEX blocks, they will not spoil. Moreover, the growth of fungous and other micro organisms in them is impossible and no insects will not nest nor lay eggs in them. Further, the blocks have excellent life endurance and show no characteristic variations. Their PH is 7, insuring resistance against chemicals, too.

·         Environmental Consistency  Research results show that PERELEX blocks and their production process, which is in turn based on clean energies, are perfectly consistent with environment so that they does not harm the environment and produce no pollutants or non recyclable materials.

·         Accordance with Paragraphs 18 and 19 and Respecting National Building Standards of Iran  Compressive strength of PERELEX blocks is more than 30 Kg/cm2 which is more than the requirements imposed by the national standard No. 7782 for non-structural separating wall blocks. The heat transfer coefficient of PERELEX blocks, being less than 0.14 W/m.K, accords with Paragraph 19 of National Building Rules, and its sound isolation accords with Paragraph 18 of it.


                                    Technical Specifications of PERELEX Blocks:

                                          Compression Strength : 25 kg/cm2

                                          Heat Transfer Coefficient: 0.14 W/m.K

                                          Dry Shrinkage Coefficient: 0.05-0.07%

                                          Density: 700-750 kg/m3


 Installation Procedure

Considering the fact that the blocks have been inherently made out of common concrete, for their installation common cement mortar can be used.  Since the thickness of the corresponding mortar is low and about 5mm, use mixture of fine sand and cement. The dimensional precision of the blocks have resulted in reducing the consumed mortar as low as gluing and obtaining highly smooth and level surfaces which serve final operations using thin mortar layer. Where the wall is not exposed to water or humidity conditions, gyps mortar can be used, too. If smaller parts are required in operation and installation, sawing can be done using hand or electrical devises.


 Future Objectives and Targets of the Company


  • Providing the technology of lightweight concrete.
  • Providing information and inspiration for using lightweight concrete.
  • Offering consultation for operation and consumption of products with lightweight concrete.
  • Production of lightweight concrete and concrete parts specially lightweight blocks for roofing and prefabricated walls.



PERELEX, A lightweight concrete block with male and female heads


Head Office:

Unit No. 143, 2rd floor, Berjis International Complex, Gharany Ave., Mashhad, IRAN

Tel: (+98) 511 7247285

Fax: (+98) 511 7247386